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November 12 2017

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Yet to get this 🤷🏽‍♀️

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Ohhh boy 😂😂😂😂

Too good not to reblog 😂

November 11 2017

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there is a fucking part in the new season where spongebob gets worried about squidward being lonely so he shines a flashlight through his window and makes a shadow puppet with his hand and the shadow puppet can actually physically interact with squidward and spongebob gets a hand cramp and accidentally ends up destroying the room

whoever came up with this gag deserves an emmy. new spongebob is batshit fucking nuts and i love it

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a different era

I miss Miranda and Ren


me when i complete an everyday task that my depression usually prevents me from doing

November 10 2017


I wish I could be fluent in every language



learning languages is fun until i gotta do it for a grade

Learning new things in general is fun until I have to do it for a grade




All our generation wants is a small apartment and a spouse that loves them back.

& mental stability and happiness within self

And doggos

Or kitties




My hobbies include

  • petting my cat
  • holding my cat
  • burying my face in my cat
  • kissing my cat
  • meowing at my cat

I forgot these vital ones

  • singing songs about my cat to my cat
  • nose booping my cat




Anyone else think about how much you like another person every day? What’s up with that shit?

Also does anybody else sometimes thank automatic appliances (doors/lights) when they work for you? Unrelated but so long as I’m asking the class

Reblog if you think the person you reblogged this from deserves to be happy.




Viciously destroy the idea that bullying is a normal part of growing up.

This is so hard for me as a parent to deal with, from both sides.

Like it brings up all of my issues, and I so want my kid to not have to deal with bullying.  And I have no idea how to do that.

I’ll repeat something I’ve said before:

I was doing my Master’s thesis on bullying until the topic triggered me back to my own childhood so badly I dropped out of that degree program.  Let me share something I know.

We haven’t quite found anti-bullying programs that stop bullying once it’s started, but we canreduce the harm bullying does.  Just a few small changes to classroom culture, like limiting children’s opportunities to exclude each other, or spending time talking about respectful communication, has visible changes.  Yeah, there’s still a hierarchy of popularity, but kids at the bottom of the ladder go from having no friends on average to having one or two.  And that’s enough to make or break a childhood.  (Sources: one two three four five)

But here’s the other thing.

There is one major factor that mediates the link between childhood bullying and adult mental illnesses (predominantly depression, anxiety, and eating disorders).  It’s self-blame.

What really damages children isn’t precisely being bullied; it’s believing that they deserve to be bullied. If children don’t blame themselves for being victims, they are much more resilient and experience fewer long-term negative consequences. (Sources: one two three four five)

Society blames children for their victimization by bullies all the time.  It says, “There is something about you that causes people to bully you.“  Common responses to bullied kids are things like: “Don’t give them a reaction.” (They’re bullying you because you get upset.)  “They’re just jealous.” (They’re bullying you because you do well.)  “Let’s teach you some social skills.”  (They’re bullying you because you act weird.)

If we can just change that one thing, we could prevent a lot of damage.  What bullied kids desperately need at the very least is a caring community that says: You are not alone.  It’s not your fault.  What they’re doing is not okay.

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i cannot believe “if it fits, i sits” transcends boundaries in this way


PSA trans pals: Facebook has just done this fucking horrid thing where they autofill names formerly attached to your account in such a way that it shows up on your public profile, it’s not affecting everyone but many people are finding their deadnames on their profile in brackets after their real names.

to get rid of this, go to Settings -> General -> edit Name -> uncheck ‘Include this on my Profile’ under ‘Alternate Name’. you may have to do this several times for it to register. if that doesn’t work, fill something in in the ‘Alternate’ field’ (I just typed in my first name and my old name disappeared from my profile after that).

to make a complaint about this, click on the question mark at the upper righthand corner of your Facebook browser and go down to ‘Report a Problem’.

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person: i really like you.

½ of me: why?

the other ½: of course you do, bitch i’m amazing

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I’m on a roll you guys

November 08 2017

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